Friday, 6 July 2012

Living, surviving.....

Lesson in survival.

I play guitar sometimes in my apartment. So does the young student who lives in the apartment above me.

But he once got it ito his dumb young head that he could plug his acoustic into an amp at 3am, jam out some shit, and stomp his feet on the floor to go with it.

Cue me, knocking bleary-eyed at his door. "Hey young man, I don't want to cramp your style, but it's 4.30 in the morning. Please turn it down, I have to work tomorrow." Nice and nice I woz. And he did.

Second and third times though, a week ago, he did it again. So I went up there and told him that if he wanted to continue to play guitar like that whilst being alive either he'd have to turn it down or I'd bust his shit guitar over his head and oblige him to buy a new one in concrete which didn't have a jack input. "Don't be so rude please" he said.

Anyway, I was walking towards my local metro station this lunchtime when, whilst reading a text message on my phone, I heard someone say "Hi!"

So I looked up and there was this skinny little white-faced half-starved-looking kid of a student before me. The one who lives upstairs. He was coming back from the metro station.

I said "Oh, sorry I didn't see you. Hi."

And you know what he said? He said "I hear you playing from time to time. Maybe we should see each other sometime and play a song or two?"

I said "Sure. This weekend maybe? After all, I'd rather be one of those who plays music and lives, even if it pisses off the neighbours, than one who complains about the others."

His gesture was magnanimous and elegant. He may be just some lazy dope-smoking sociology student or something, with a naive death wish to be a pop star, but hey, so was I once.

That's how it goes.....

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