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Psychobabble, the deep malaise in the French teaching profession, and the doctor's advice

'Children, today's homework is to write an essay on your reasons for committing suicide'

France and its political shenanigans 'à la république bananière'

Copé and Fillon get a severe dressing down from a VERY angry journalist

Hollande invents the law of the land which you only obey if you feel like it

The real winners and losers of the farcical Copé-Fillon UMP leadership elections

Photoblog: the anti-gay marriage demo in Lyon

French PM Ayrault actually gets annoyed about something!

The French are still the worst students in the English class

Mohammed Merah: a sordid trail which leads from from terrorism to a reality which France ignores..

France debates the 'Nutella tax'

French politicians could learn a lot from the fun side of Obama's win

Charlie Hebdo cartoon enrages French Catholics and so much the better

Houlala ! Ashley Madison makes extra-marital waves in France

'Marie Clairegate', or how some restaurant reviewers want their meal and eat it

'Le Baiser de Marseille' kiss shakes up France's same-sex marriage debate

France's 'race' and 'terrorist' issues highlight the failure of laïcité and social policy

Hollande and the French government's U-turn on the 'cumul des mandats'

Copé's shabby 'anti-white-racism' jibe

The Sarkozy comeback: not if it will happen, but when?

It's time for Hollande to bite the bullet

Brussels, sexual harrassment, and the 'R' word

Delphine Balley: the reluctant artist

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: the bigger they come....?

These elections have killed off the demagogues of French politics

Welcome news on France's abusive stop and search laws 

Dieudonné, France's wannabe Antisemite hero

France's shameful treatment of its First Ladies 

Hollande's choice of Ayrault for PM was a 'normal' one

Sarkozy and Hollande share the same fears

McDonalds and the Battle for France

Hollande will either save or sink the European left

The Mélenchon - Le Pen debate: From the gutter to the sewer…

Sarkozy launches his blitzkrieg campaign against Hollande

Jean-Luc Mélenchon: My favourite French left-wing ‘firebrand’

Do Hollande and French voters know that there is no Magic Wand?

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