Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fripouille has started a second blog

Hi, just a quick word to say that I've been thinking lately that I may start a second blog, not about news and photos and living in France etc but about the things I see and hear in my daily life that people do. People fascinate me.

Here's the 'About me' bit, that'll explain it I think;
People are fascinating and the things they say and do whilst going about their daily lives can be anything from fun to profound, sad to hilarious, disturbing to downright weird and a lot more besides. The same goes for odd news and events. They too can be quirkily thought-provoking, as can the things we do ourselves.
So this is where I document these little snippets of my existence.

Anyway, I've just started this blog, over on Wordpress, so if anyone would like to read my peoply blurblings they are welcome to do so here at 'The things we Think Say and Do'.

As you wuz, as they say, and have an excellent evening.


  1. People who used to blog have New Year's resolutions to start blogging more (like me) and people who blog often start new ones for the new year!

    I actually have started something vaguely new over at Tumblr, but it's kind of a strange platform. I want to get it figured out more before revealing it to the public.

    1. Hello Betty, and I didn't know people often started blogs in the New Year but then again it's not surprising because for fmany people it's a case of New Year = new ideas and initiatives etc.

      The blog I've just started will be a 'secondary' one if you like, and this one will be just as active as before, but the beauty of the new one is that all I have to do is type out something that happened to me or I saw or heard. Creating posts won't take long. This one on the other hand often needs research, particularly the politics posts, which require links to information.

      So you're on Tumbler? Okay, and I have often thought the same as you when visiting it - that it appears to be a different type of platform with different reasons for setting up an account there than, say, this blog or yours. Let us know when it's finally as you would like it to be!

  2. OK. You made me look. And follow. I'm commenting over on your other blog.

    1. Oh that's nice of you bookworm. Thanks for going to see. Right, I'm off to see what you wrote. Happy New Year to you and have a good day!