Sunday, 21 April 2013

At last! Some funny breast-fondling news in France's bitter gay marriage debate

Anyone who has been reading the French press lately or my entries on France's gay marriage debate knows that it has been acrimonious and physically violent on far too many occasions.

So it was good to see French TV presenter Audrey Pulvar and pro-marriage député Rosalyn Bachelot put on a show of pretend-lesbian love recently for virulently anti-homosexual right-winger Christine Boutin in the form of a video postcard. It begins with Boutin's usual blablabla and then there's Pulvar and Bachelot.

Pulvar: D'you wanna touch my breast a little?"
Bachelot: Okay, done.
Pulvar: I know there's not much to touch, but never mind.
Bachelot: No, it's fine, it's fine. I've known smaller ones.

Think of their stunt what thou wouldst, but the bald fact is that the news in France is so horribly depressing at the moment that right now I'll clutch as at a straw at any news story that makes me smile.
 Have a good Sunday evening.

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