Saturday, 27 October 2012

Autumn Creations

There I was drinking my second bleary-eyed coffee of the morning and wandering round the news sites and blogs when I happened to land on this photoblog on the subject of Autumn. And indeed yes, it's Autumn! I don't have any photos of this Autumn but I do have some very original ones from a while back so I thought I'd post them here.

They were taken a couple of years ago in Lyon's splendid Parc de la TĂȘte d'Or. I was riding my bike when I thought I saw something rather unusual in the midst of the trees. A twig lady? Surely not. So I stopped and walked towards it.

'The Twig Lady'
Curious, I continued to ride, very slowly, keeping my eyes peeled in case there was anything else to be seen. I was not to be disappointed and in quick succession I discovered this gorgeous creature...


...followed by this delightful object.


Drawn further into the wood through myterious gates...


...I came across signs of societal activity.


And what is never far away from an Autumn hut built over a stream? Why, a canoe of course!


There was a book nearby, thus indicating that the inhabitants could read..

'The Book'

But who were these strange denizens of the wood? My question was answered shortly thereafter..

'The Leaves and their children'

My journey was now at an end and I walked out of the wood, thinking thoughts of how the seasons change. Life comes, and goes, it's an eternal cycle. Some things may be eternal, but we are not. I was reminded of that by this stark presence...

'The Last Journey...'

Hope you enjoyed these photos and that you have an excellent day.


  1. Hello. I am visiting from upstate New York, in the United States. I'm glad you enjoyed autumn pictures on my blog and I wanted you to know I put you on my blogroll and subscribed to your blog by email. I've never been to Europe and the outdoor art in this park fascinated me. I'd love to see more European fall color. That's the beauty of blogging, isn't it- that we can visit each other virtually and see the beauty of our world. (I visited the blog you linked to, also.)

    1. Hello Bookworm. As you say, the beauty of blogging is being able to see and read what others are doing and how they live. I've been to America many times, particulaly Chicago and New York, and although I haven't visited upstate, I'll bet there's more greenery out there than in Brooklyn.

      As to blogrolls, I haven't got one yet but I will have before the day is out. At least I hope so because although I've been on Blogger for years this is a fairly new blog and I don't know all the ins and out of it yet.

      Meanwhile Autumn is continuing and today has brought a strong blustery wind so there'll certainly be leaves flying everywhere. I'll go take a look this afternoon. Maybe take some pix too!