Tuesday, 23 October 2012

La Place Jean Macé, Lyon

La Place Jean Macé is one of my favourite places in Lyon, which is just as well as I see it most days whilst out and about. Just outside the city centre, It is situated on the site of what used to be a military barracks-fort back in the 1800's before it was demolished.

When I moved to Lyon 15 years ago it was a rather quiet and nondescript place with just a couple of run-down bars and old shops, but it has since been transformed into the city's third-biggest transport hub after the Part Dieu and Perrache centres. Buses, trains, trams and the metro all run through it today, as do major roads, and the Place Jean Macé is now a thriving and bustling area which welcomes many thousands of people each day.

The resulting increase in the number of shops, bars, restaurants, transport options and services means that I regularly eat, drink, shop, bank and travel through the Place Jean Macé, so I thought I'd share a few photos I took of it in the evening, as it was preparing to bed down for the night...

Blue is the predominant colour at and around the new overhead railway station.

Yup, that's blue. Unless I'm colourblind, that is blue...

The 19th century arches leading to the station have had a facelift

Lyon as it was at the time of the revolution

There's a tramway too, and a bar, both conveniently situated just next to the railway station.

Trams, trains, food and drinks. Blue too.

A tram and a trainline. Blue. Again.

And the bar's neon is also...BLUE!

...as is, of course, the lighting in my favourite bar
But it's not all blue of course. Here's the elegant Avenue Jean Jaures, which runs through the square, here on green..

Heading home by car, at the end of the day

Yellow, anyone?

If I was any good at Photoshop I'd get rid of that car-thingy

And here's some yellow, blue, and red all at once.

This would look completely different without the trees...
The Place Jean Macé gets ready to sleep at the end of the day. The streets and bars below beautiful building facades are now emptying...

Bonne soirée messieurs et mesdames

....and the children, sleeping now, will be back tomorrow to play on the slide in the playground in front of the Mairie..

Kids here are tough. They slide down elephant's tusks!

Have a good evening everyone....

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