Thursday, 28 March 2013

Christine Boutin in French police 'death squads' shock horror outrage!!*"!,?²^#'!*^!!!

Screen grab of Christine Boutin after being gassed by death squad police
Haha! News stories can be so ludicrous in nature sometimes that you have to laugh at them, and this is one of those times. Here is a story I came across yesterday on French news site Rue89, about Christine Boutin. A French politician, Boutin is the leader of the small-c-conservative Christian Democratic Party, and she was present at Sunday's violent anti-gay marriage demonstration in Paris, where she 'fainted', she said, because she was 'gassed' by police tear gas. It was all rather silly but hey ho, people can be rather silly sometimes. It's no big deal.

But sometimes people can be very very silly indeed, and that's what she was earlier this week when she wrote a speech which she intended to deliver at a 'pro-family' march in Washington. Referring in her speech to Sunday's march she wrote;
"I have myself been a victim of this inadmissible and monstrous violence committed by the forces of law and order, who were sent just like death squads by the French government against French families and against the French people. It was these forces which did not hesitate, upon the orders of Interior minister Manuel Valls, to gas children whilst they were actually in their baby buggies! [France is] in the hands of absolute dictators who do not hesitate to gas children as did the worst regimes in history."
Contacted by Rue89, Boutin took full responsibility for the words but added that she didn't actually write the speech herself because she was 'snowed under' and so she had it written for her by a young radio presenter named Grégoire Boucher. She revealed that she didn't go to the Washington demo in the end because "my being gassed meant that I was obliged to remain [in France]" but she also insisted that if she had been able to go to Washington and deliver her speech she "would have left those parts out." The speech was delivered in full in Washington by someone else.

And what does young journalist Grégoire Boucher have to say about all this death-squad-police speech malarkey? He says he had nothing to do with it in any way shape or form. 

Yup, sometimes you just have to laugh at the news because it's so, well, laughable. Good day to one and all!

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