Friday, 29 March 2013

Pretty shop windows in Lyon's St Jean district

'Beurk' as the French say (I love that word, it reads and sounds just like what it means), the weather here in Lyon today is as drab as it gets - gloomy and overcast skies, cold, and damp. But I had cabin fever after lunch so I thought I'd go out for a longish walk anyway despite the weather and take a few pix of some of the boutique windows in Lyon's St Jean district. They looked quite pretty with their lights turned on in the dim light.

Here's a gorgeous shop window with lovely warm colours. It's a shame the owner didn't hoist the shutters up to the top though.

As I said it's been a rather damp day, and that seemed to suit these plants just fine. (Note the marijuana plan..... pretty plant that looks like a marijuana plant in the left background).

I quite like the grungy-bar-like look of this place - a candle shop. In fact it reminds me of an old Yates Wine Lodge in England of the kind that was to be seen back in the 70's before they became fashionable theme bars. At that time they were austere drinking joints where you could buy either cheap rum, cheap rum, or cheap rum. You'd see some rare old drunken sights in them there bars let me tell you. They were a favourite haunt of male students, junkies, alcoholics, and office workers who liked to hang out in bars where women were banned (but the sexual discrimination act in the 80s thankfully changed all that of course.) Oops, I digress....

Yup, a bookshop, one of what is sadly a dwindling number of bookshops in St Jean, where they used to be as common as white on rice. That was before the advent of the Internet however.....

Time for a pause and a grand (well, it wasn't exactly 'grand', but oh well never mind) crème along with a chausson aux pommes. This photo was taken on my mobile because I wanted to send it to my girlfriend.

Here's a boutique which sells 'guignols', the famous hand puppets of Lyon, which first saw the light of day back in the early 1800s. Guignol shows are still very popular here and kids love them.

This place sells, euhh... umm... kind of couloured ball thingies. Or something. Whatever, it's an attractive shop.

Lastly, here are 'The Toys of Angels'. Even the shop itself looks like a toy, or a small-scale model. Whoever designed this shop front knew exactly what he or she was doing.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, and upon that note may I bid an excellent day/evening/night to one and all.


  1. Sympathique petit tour dans St Jean .
    Merci de nous faire remarquer ces petits bijoux devant lesquels on passe trop vite, sans s'attarder.
    Et toujours avec cette petite pointe d'humour très appréciable!

    1. Le plaisir est à moi Anon, et merci beaucoup pour vos gentils mots. Je vous souhaite une excellente soirée.

  2. Lovely photos of Lyon! (have been working a lot and missing most of the news. I actually enjoy not knowing what is going on). I hope for you the weather improves very soon. Happy Easter!

    1. Hello Nadege, glad you liked the pix. As to the weather, let's just say that we're having a rather cold and rainy time of it right now. Where on earth is spring?! Have a good Easter yourself, full of choccy eggs..

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