Sunday, 23 December 2012

President works during Christmas shock horror outrage scoop!!!!

The good people of France have been formally informed that their President shall actually be working and available over Christmas, presumably in case a nuclear was breaks out or a mass killing takes place in the Paris Metro.

He "won't be taking a holiday " say his minions.

Oh. I see. And I'm supposed to be grateful that the President  of the country I live in is actally doing the job he was elected to do without taking a few weeks a year off to go to Club Med?

Thank heaven for small mercies....



  1. Not a surprise really; with all those ejits around him, he has to do everything himself!

    1. Agreed Streaky. Despite his failings it's only fair to say that Hollande is surrounded by a bunch of squabbling and incompetant nitwits who make his job even harder.

      But that's not surprising as you know, because the French Socialist party is renowned for its internecine power-grabbing spats and lack of coordination and cohesion. Montebourg is the biggest culprit at this time.

      But should he go in a reshuffle? I think not. He may be an inconvenient pain in the ass and a pompous and preening prat but he does have the counterbalancing merit of reminding the government and Hollande that it's time to get tougher with business and the markets instead of lazily picking on rich individuals for little tax revenue.

      That's my humble take anyway...