Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Preview of Lyon's Light Festival 2012

Evenin'. I left a business meeting (hi Guillaumette!) in the city centre of Lyon today at about 6pm, and what did I see when I walked out into the street? This;

Lyon's Light Festival officially begins tomorrow the 6th and runs through until the 9th, with the 8th being the 'official' day. But the creators and technicians have to do trial runs during the run-up to it so that is what you are looking at here. Looks promising!

This event attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the centre of the city every year so I never go on the 8th because there are so many people that it's it's almost impossible to move around. But I'll go back tomorrow to take some photos etc of the real thing before the crowds get there.

I'll leave you with another video, although I suspect that what we see here isn't the complete version. Still, it's worth a look anyway.



  1. Gosh how clever and grand! You certainly have the edge Frip.Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
    İn the little town where i am the Christmas lights will be turned on high st and 1 Xmas tree.Sweet.

    1. Hi Ruth, and the lights where you live sound charming! I mean, these massive displays are all very well but they do cost a fortune. Still, if that's what ze peepul want then that's fine.

      As to filming the finished piece I have been snowed under with translation work this last 2 days so I wasn't able to go yesterday. Today's not possible either for the same reason, and I'm off to Aix-en Provence tomorrow but will try to visit them if I get back in time.

      Oh and by the way I haven't forgotten the bouchon and silk trade ideas you mentioned, don't worry. But, and again, it's finding the time to get them done.

      Have an excellent day.

  2. Hi Fripouille,
    From time to time I have a look to see what the web throws up about Roy Murphy and I found you.
    Sadly, Roy died in 1995 (well he was never going to live long was he?). I was his partner for many years and miss him a lot. I can't think of anyone today who speaks as forcefully for people who need a voice. He was a one off and the forces and influences which gave him his strength and passion were also his undoing in the end. Ah well...c"est la vie. He is probably spinning in his grave about politiics today!
    I wrote a song about Roy, which I plan to send to someone who may set it to music. He was a legend in his own lifetime and should be remembered. Don't know whether it will come off though.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello rossylass.

      Ah, Roy Murphy. He was a charismatic man, larger than life and an inspiration for those, like myself, who worked at Shelter. Like all those who are driven by a cause, he had almost limitless energy, conviction and a will to be heard. We wouldn't see him often as he'd be out and about all over the place, lobbying, visiting, and otherwise making sure that homelessness did not become a hidden issue. He could be coleric when he thought he had to be, just as his charming persuasion was extremely hard to resist. But when he showed up at the offices we would be over the moon to see him.

      Roy was never going to live long, as you say, but the consciences he stirred, the actions he made happen, and the sheer goodness of the man all mean that he shall be remembered for much longer, and for many more right reasons, than many who shall live longer, yet achieve much less...

    2. Hello Rose
      Like you I found this site while looking for info about Roy. I knew him when he worked in London, going back over 40 years now. I was in my first housing job, 20 years old, and Roy was this life force that roped me into his campaign to house homeless families into empty houses waiting on demolition. Often referred to as squatting! I've never forgotten him or the lessons he taught me and I often think of him even though many years have passed. Best wishes, Chris Jenkins