Thursday, 21 February 2013

The James McConnell Facebook funeral consolidates my faith in people

James McConnell
James McConnell was a former Royal Marine in the British army who died last month in a nursing home in Portsmouth England at the age of 70. He had no family or friends, so the staff were worried that he would be buried alone, with no mourners to accompany him and say goodbye.

Happily though, things changed after a Facebook page was created to ask people to come to his funeral. Over two hundred people took the trouble to attend as a result of the appeal, and there was also a motorcycle cavalcade, a group of British Legion standard bearers, and buglers From the Royal Marines Band playing the Last Post.

What a beautifully uplifting piece of news that is. 

The world can seem so cold sometimes, and Facebook often reflects that. And people want gore, sex, scandal and murder in their press too, which is why the press provides it.

The large majority of those present had never known James McConnell. It's heartening to know that there are some people out there on the Internet with warm hearts, a generous spirit, and compassion. 

Good news for a change...


  1. 70 years old is not that old to be without family and friends, but yes,
    heartwarming to found out that so many FB "friends" showed up at his funerals.

  2. It is sad to be 70 years old with no family or friends. This may have been a fascinating (or extremely sad) life story. I am glad the power of Facebook worked so he had people at his funeral...for some reason making me think of the song Eleanor Rigby.

  3. I have been very busy, not visiting too many blogs but my favorites and you haven't been posting at all I see.
    Hope all is well!

    1. Hi Nadege, and I've been busy too. Very busy indeed. That's why I haven't been around much this last few days. What kind of busy? Very happy busy, and I'll tell you more by email...

      I hope you and yours are all well.....

  4. I know you are happily busy with Valentine. Still, don't forget to post once in a while. I need to know what is
    going on in Gaule.

    1. But I have posted! I posted just four hours ago!

      Sorry it wasn't about Gaule though, but the next one surely shall be.

      It's nice to be back.....