Sunday, 3 February 2013

'We Must Do Something'

How can one not be profoundly affected by the bravery, defiance and determination of Gabrielle Giffords' recent speech before the members of the American Senate Judiciary Committee, which is currently addressing gun safety. She showed more guts and conviction during the 1m 17secs it took her to deliver her powerful message on gun control than any American government has ever been able to muster in a hundred years.

Gabrielle Giffords is a credit to her country and the tenacious fighting spirit she has showed in her fight to ovecome her injuries and confront the Gun Lobby proves, if ever proof were needed, that when the going get tough, Americans and America get going and confront challenges head on.

This speech has thrown down the gauntlet before American society and the Obama administration, but do they have the kind of courage personified by Giffords which will enable them to pick it up?


  1. Gabrielle Giffords is a remarkable woman. Her courage is an inspiration to all.

    It helps to remember that a few years ago, as an elected official, she opposed most measures on gun control. In fact, even today, after the horrific event she somehow managed to survive, she and her husband declared this week they are both gun owners and they do not intend to get rid of their guns...

    Then there is the story of President Obama shooting a gun at Camp David, that HAD to be released by the White House this week so that... so that what exactly? So that the NRA dimwits could feel reassured that the man currently trying to help his country move into the "civilized part" of the 21st century knows about guns too, and "shoots like a man?!" -- Don't even get me started. The stubborn reliance on firearms is one of the most disgraceful aspects of American society. Thank goodness many average Americans are starting to wake up and seem willing to facilitate change. It is badly needed. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Thank you for commenting this post French Girl. This is a very important issue for me, and not only because of her personal struggle and gun laws in America.

      It's also because of my admiration for her visceral and determined conviction, the kind that only women can express in such a stark and challenging manner. And watching this video only confirms something I have always known, which is that when women tell it how it is, they rarely employ the mealy-mouthed clichès used by men.

      In fact, I feel so strongly that women need more representation in politics that I'll be posting a few reasons why in a few days.

      As to Giffords and her husbands' support for owning a gun, I have no problem with that. America is America and the 2nd Amendment guarantees that right. It guarantees the right of American citizens to defend themselves.

      But assault rifles, semi-automatic weapons and other categories of weapons which fire a hundred or more rounds a minute? Which are the weapons of predilection of mass killers?

      You don't need a weapon like that to kill a deer, or to bring down birds, or neutralise an aggressor.

      Would legislation reduce the number of killings by 6-round handguns? Probably not.

      But before we start dealing with that issue let's at least start doing something to reduce the availability of guns which can kill up to dozens of people in 60 seconds.

      Oh, and the pic of Obama with a rifle? What a clutz. Whoring himself for the gun lobby. I hope he enjoyed his little day of slumming it for votes, but he is facing a hard reality today.

      Does he have the moral fibre which Gabrielle Giffords has shown, and is he just as determined to put a stop to these awful slaughters?

      I am sorry to answer my own question and say that, no, he isnt.....