Friday, 31 May 2013

The death of an actress and the shame of a sexist rapper

Marie Trintignant
Marie Trintignant was a relatively well-known actress in France who died in 2003 at the age of 41. She was battered to death in a hotel room in Vilnius, Lithuania, by her boyfriend, pop singer Bertrand Cantat, who was under the influence of hard drugs and alcohol. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison and was released after four years.

Orelsan is a French rapper who has been the target of much criticism for the violently sexist sentiments and opinions he has expressed in his lyrics. This man does not like women.

Past examples include:
'I'll smash your face in'
'I'll abort you with a knife'
'women are whores'.

Orselan was found guilty today on charges of  insult and incitation to violence by a  court in Paris. And one of the most damning pieces of evidence the court saw was these lyrics:

'Shut your mouth or I'll give you the Marie Trintignant treatment.'
Un-be-fuckin-lievable, and the sooner this kind of misogynist garbage is thrown out of record racks and off radio playlists the better.


  1. rappeur Français!Faux rebelles, parolier a la petite semaine .Quand on écoute les textes des rappeurs Français ,ça donne envie de pleurer,tellement c,est a chier .putain,Georges Brassens reviens les Français ont de la merde dans les oreilles. Comme disait Brassens "quand on est con ,on est con"

    1. "quand on est con ,on est con"

      Merci pour ta franchise (c'est ce que te rende le bienvenue) et t'as tout vrai là. Putain, je déteste cette 'musique' de merde et ses paroles débiles, racistes, sexistes, et violemment communitaristes chanté par des cons finis. A vomir.

  2. There is a whole segment of society that is really sick.
    (Hors sujet, I have been reading a wonderful book "Paris" by Edward Rutherfurd).

    1. Sick is the word, and there is something very sick about a lot of French rap. Joey Starr is one of the biggest assholes on that scene. He has been found guilty of violence towards women on several occasions and he's not the only one. But, like any coward, he doesn't like it when he gets the same treatment from women. A woman slapped him once in a supermarket because of his reputation. What did he do? He went crying to the police and got her charged with assault! I believe a judge threw his case out. Starr is not the only one like that.

      Enjoy the book Nadege, and if it's anything like his others it surely has well over 500 pages. He does a lot of research when writing. I don't normally like historical fiction but he does it very well.