Friday, 16 November 2012

Afternoon and early evening photographs at the Opera of Lyon

I spent this afternoon at the Opera in Lyon in connection with my work. It puts on operas, ballets, classical and other music concerts. Here it is, under a cold grey sky.

It has 18 levels, of which 5 are underground, followed by 7 within the older part of the building and 6 in the glass dome at the top, which was added in the Nineties, when the whole structure was modernised to meet today's demands in the world of opera buildings. The dome was not popular with the locals at first although it is now a landmark. Every afternoon sees groups of teenagers dotted about under the outside cloisters playing breakdance music on their computers etc and practicing their moves. They are good kids who willingly accept that they have to behave properly, respect the building and those going in and out of it, and not push the volume too high. More power to 'em I say and they are an attraction in their own right.

Do you see the seven statues outside the base of the dome? You'll be seeing them from a completely different perspective lower down the page.

The Opera is smack-bang opposite the rear entrance of the Town Hall. But it's not because it's 'only' the rear entrance that it's not an attractive sight in its own right.

My appointment was high up in the dome on the fourteenth level, which is the one above where the statues are placed. But on the way I had to walk through this beautiful hall, which is behind the big windows on the façade of the older building.

And once up there in our meeting room, which was on the façade of the building, I took this picture of the Town Hall down below. It was a kind of privilege to be able to do so moreover because the public rarely gets to see this view. You can see part of one of the statues too.

Dusk was approaching, so all the lights were on within the building and the exterior lighting had been switched on too.

It is almost 7pm now and my working day is done. So I take a couple of pictures of the illuminated statues on the balcony below me................

...............before leaving the building, now dressed in its evening robe of light.

It had been a tiring if agreeable afternoon and early evening, so before going home I stopped off at my favourite bar in the area to drink a well-deserved beer on the terrace and let my eyes drift over my surroundings.

And now that I've posted this it's time for another beer. Cheers to one and all!

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