Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Livin an' dyin' an' where do we come from an' what're we doin' 'ere an' where are we goin' an' all that stuff etc...sort of thing..

Just a quick word to inform my millions, thousands, low hundreds of readers that I have a Youtube channel which I rarely use and do nothing to promote, to the point of not even tagging my videos in order to attract hits. I've only done 7 videos, some of which are photovids. But I tagged them yesterday because I dunno why.

Anyway, here's one of them, and this is the blurb I used to describe which autobiographal images the song conjures up for me;
From the 1988 Depeche Mode tribute album 'For the Masses.' The pix? Oh, they're a kind of 'from before birth to death and onwards to infinity' collage. Enjoy..
So, ummmm, enjoy, I hope, and have an excellent evening.

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