Sunday, 25 November 2012

Video: A pro-Palestinian demo in Lyon

You can come across a demo about something or other on most Saturdays in larger towns and cities. That's a good thing of course and seeing one reminds me that I live in a relatively free country where people can express their disagreement with something in public as long as there's no violence.

So after last Saturday's anti-gay marriage demo this Saturday saw pro-Palestinian demonstrators take to the streets and I came across their demo by accident. It was a smallish affair - I'd say there were about 400 demonstrators maximum - but what they lacked in numbers was more than compensated for by their enthusiasm.

Here's a video I took of them. It proves two things; one, that they were passionate about their cause and two, that I am no David Lynch. Still, he doesn't use a hand-held Panasonic to make his films so he has an unfair advantage. That's my excuse anyway.

What are my opinions on the Israel-Palestine question? Well - and like any other person with an ounce of humanity - I feel desperately sorry for all those ordinary Israelies and Palestinians who just wish the violence would stop and I just hope that they find peace one day.

As to their 'leaders' however, be they Israeli or Palestinian I think they all need a bloody good clip round the ear and should be sent to bed early with no supper and no video games.

Have a good Sunday everyone.

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