Saturday, 24 November 2012

Photos and video of 'La Fresque des Lyonnais'

This jumbo-sized fresco can be seen down by the river Saône in the Martinière area of the town centre here in Lyon. As its name suggests it was painted in honour of the people and culture of Lyon and it attracts visitors all year round.

The six-storey fresco was painted by Cité Création, a local association which specialises in wall painting and mural art. Based just up the road from where I live, Cité Création has created over 580 building-sized frescos all over the world, including dozens here in Lyon alone.

Of all the frescos they have done in Lyon however this is one of the biggest favourites with the locals. It showcases the city's literary traditions and culinary excellence as well as some of its most famous personalities.

Here's a video of it I took this afternoon, followed by photos of a few details. There's an amazing amount of detail in there, particularly given its size. Everything you see has been painted. Impressive stuff I say..

Some of the better-known names in local produce production

If you ain't ate 'ere, you ain't ate nowhere baby

Abbé Pierre. Born in Lyon, he was a Capucin Catholic priest, a war resistant and an influential campaigner for the poor and homeless

Most people here quite rightly detest the stuff, but still, we drink it once a year to support this local industry

Lyon's literature. I love this detail in particular because the reflections in the window look so real...

A painting of a mural artist painting a mural

Wanna fresco on your garden wall? Give 'em a ring...

...and while you're at it say hello from the English guy in Gerland. I have visited their offices and facilities several times and they are always willing to discuss their work.

I'll be posting more frescos by Cité Création in the future, and for anyone interested in mural art and wall painting their site is well worth a visit. There are photos galore there of most of their works from all over the world.

Right. It's time for an apéritif so see you soon and be good. If possible. :)

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