Thursday, 15 November 2012

French PM Ayrault actually gets annoyed about something!

It's enough to put you off baguettes for life
I nearly fell off my chair when I read his words. Could these really be the words of long-serving Socialist dozy party-line plodder and faithful servant-cum first thus expendable Prime Ministerial scapegoat Jean-Marc Ayrault?

He is talking about an article in The Economist about the French economy when he suddenly and uncharacteristically blasts an all-guns broadside plus missiles for good measure full of vitriolic anger which, could words alone kill an international news magazine, would have vaporised The Economist in an instant and orphaned all its subscribers and readers.

Asked by a German TV station to comment the article he replies "you're talking about a mere newspaper and the excessive exaggeration it uses to sell its paper and I'm telling you that France couldn't care less."

Okay okay, don't hit me I'm wearing glasses! Fair enough, we know where you stand Jean-Marc.

The article he was referring to contains scathing scriticism of the way the French economy is being handled under François Hollande. The headline and standfirst read;
The time-bomb at the heart of Europe
Why France could become the biggest danger to Europe's single currency
It goes on to say in so many words that Hollande and his policies are even worse than catching ebola, that he eats grannies for breakfast, that he has pictures of both Stalin and Hitler on his Elysée office wall and that he would like to see the whole of Europe thrown into economic anarchy and civil insurrection. Well, it nearly does.

Now I'm no expert on economic matters but I have been following Hollande and his government's progress since they came into power.

And that's why I'm telling you, Jean-Marc, that it looks to me like the pressure is getting to you. You and your prez have been urged since you were elected by France, Europe, the World and its dog to do something about the appallingly imbalanced state of your economy instead of merely standing around like gnomes in a garden.

And you may have mistakenly believed that the measures that Hollande announced a few days ago to help businesses to live were enough to take the heat off, at least for a month or two.

But they aren't, and that's why you were rattled by the article. That, and the fact that you, as a former (and deservedly much-appreciated and successful it must be said) mayor of a major French city know full well how to run a budget.

Which means you also know that Hollande and your government are not going to finish U-turning on your election promises anytime soon. For the sake of France I sincerely hope that you and Hollande will succeed in getting France out of the hole, however many U-turns it takes.

Bonne chance...

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